7 tips for new riders racing the Bear Mountain Canada Cup

February 18, 2016

Have you seen the amazing Canada Cup course at Bear Mountain? Want to race on it too? Here are seven tips to help you get ready to compete in your first Canada Cup.

Fun fact: When I first wrote these tips, I was thinking about important things a rookie racer should know. I ended up giving you 7 tips that are still important for every Canada Cup I compete in.


– Make sure you are well prepared. Know the course. Ride it a few times in the weeks before the race so you know you are comfortable on every section. Remember to register for the event here.

– Have a bike that works well. You don’t need to go out and buy a brand new bike worth more than a car, simply make sure your bike works well by visiting a mechanic for a tune-up prior to race day. Make sure everything works well. Make sure everything on the bike is safe. Last but not least, give it a good wash so that you have a nice clean bike on race day!

– Eat healthy always…but especially in the days prior to the race and on race day. Drink plenty of water so you’re hydrated for the race (1x500ml bottle of water per hour of riding is a good guideline). Make sure you get enough sleep too. Aim to be well rested for race day.

– Have a good support person with you on race day. You may need a little help before, during or after the race. Your support person can help you get ready, cheer for you and help you with anything you need on race day.

– See yourself succeed. Visualize the course and riding it smoothly. Be confident in yourself and your ability. You can do this!!

– In mountain biking, it’s quite an accomplishment to complete the course – no matter where you place. In mountain bike culture, we celebrate those who have fun and have the courage to give our sport a try. You’re going to discover a warm and welcoming community at the Canada Cup finish line.

– Have fun. Do your best. Learn. Improve. Find out when the next local is by checking out: http://www.islandcupseries.com/. If you want to follow the Canada Cup series with us, check out www.cyclingcanada.ca.


See you out there!

Guest Blogger,

Rachel Pageau

Cycling Canada & Équipe Devinci