Hydrogeological and Environmental Best Practices Reports - Highlands Lands

March 9, 2018

Enclosed are technical reports recently prepared for Ecoasis Developments LLP by professional hydrogeological, environmental and forestry consultants as part of a 2017 review of its Bear Mountain lands within the District of Highlands.

A 2015 Ecoasis application for subdivision approval of the first Phase of its Highlands lands expired in 2017. Prior to submitting a renewed subdivision application, Ecoasis’ intention is to inform the District of Highland’s staff and the Highlands general public of relevant information and implications as they pertain to the 2005 Master Development Agreement (MDA) and respective municipal bylaws.

Enclosed, please find:

Water and Aquifer Management Reports

Environmental Review

Technical Opinions on MDA

Ecoasis is sensitive to the fact that questions and concerns have been raised with respect to stewardship of the aquifer, related environmental concerns and the inconsistences of Bear Mountain practices as mandated in the MDA. An outline of key issues has been provided to professional consultants with a request for review, and feedback.  The documents attached hereto are intended, for the purposes of transparency, to share the findings.