Pinehurst Approved Builder Program

Ecoasis has invested significant time and resources working with residents, golf members and contractors to positively cultivate our beautiful resort community. 

Our newest neighbourhood, Pinehurst, offers 39 single-family lots ranging in size from 6,400 sq. ft. to 12,800 sq. ft. with absolutely stunning viewscapes. This beautiful Bear Mountain enclave of freehold lots is situated to maximize views of the Pacific Ocean, the Olympic Mountains, Langford Lake and Goldstream Provincial Park.

Our priority is to continue to grow our community with the highest quality homes, protecting value for those who have chosen to live at Bear Mountain and establishing a sound investment for those considering a move. In an effort to consistently improve our neighbourhoods, Ecoasis is taking aspects of the former Designated Builders program established for our Cypress neighbourhood and improving it through the introduction of a new Approved Builder Program. 

Ecoasis recognizes the importance of ensuring that homes in Bear Mountain’s emerging neighbourhoods complement one another with respect to design, street appeal, sense of scale and mass, quality of construction and materials. This is our commitment to future residents of Bear Mountain and to Approved Builders investing time and energy towards the betterment of our community.

As part of the new program, Ecoasis will appoint a Quality and Compliance Supervisor to work onsite in Pinehurst with approved builders to ensure adherence to our newly revised Bear Mountain Design Guidelines in order to protect your significant investments. 

Pinehurst single-family residential lots are available to Purchasers seeking an ideal location for their dream home and to qualified builders approved by Ecoasis.

Bear Mountain welcomes all builders interested in being considered for the Approved Builder program in Pinehurst to contact the Real Estate Sales office at 250-391-6100 or 250-380-8682 for more information.



Why are you changing your program? Following the experience gained over the past few years, Ecoasis has decided to make a change to its Builder program that it believes to be in the best interests of all. To ensure a successful program, initiatives will be introduced to effect positive change. First, a dedicated Quality and Compliance Supervisor will be in place to work onsite at Pinehurst with builders to facilitate a stricter approach to design monitoring, control and enforcement. Ecoasis will consider all builders who come forward, or those brought forward by lot Purchasers, for approval.

Does this mean anyone can build in Pinehurst? This means anyone has the opportunity to be considered by Ecoasis to be an approved builder.

How do I qualify as an approved builder? In order to qualify as an Approved Builder, builders will need to complete the approved builder application form and provide the following to Ecoasis:

– Photos and addresses of residential homes built over the last three years
– A copy of your Builder’s License (in good standing)
– Letter(s) of reference

What do my approved builder and I need to provide to the Bear Mountain Design Panel in order to move forward with my build? In order to move forward with your build, you will need to provide:

– A full set of construction drawings and specifications for the proposed home
– Full colour rendering of the front elevation and of a side elevation of the home, complete with a description of all proposed materials
– A landscape plan, including all hard surfaces, retaining walls and location of exterior parking

What if I want to buy a lot but the builder I want to use does not get approved? In a case whereby the desired builder does not meet or exceed the standards of the Ecoasis review process, the Lot Purchaser must find an alternate builder. This could be a Builder that is already approved or a new one for consideration.

How is Ecoasis going to ensure the quality control? As part of the new Approved Builder program, Ecoasis will have a Quality and Compliance Supervisor to facilitate a stricter approach to design monitoring, control and enforcement of the newly revised Bear Mountain Design Guidelines.