Bear Mountain Trail Network

Welcome to the Bear Mountain Resort Trail Network. Resort Pass holders are invited to enjoy our Resort Trail Network and experience the natural beauty and splendor of Bear Mountain.

The Trails

Multi-use trails including cycling, hiking,running and walking trails. Depending on your skill level, choose from the following trails:

Valley Loop

This family-friendly loop is perfect for the beginner rider or hiker to get out and explore nature. The loop includes incredible west-coast views and a quiet creek crossing offering ample opportunity to stop and take it in. Spoiler alert, it’s a steep ride back.

Trail Details
Distance: 2.7km
Difficulty: Beginner – widetrack (1m width or more) steep ascent on return

BMAC Connector

The BMAC Connector is a shared route providing access to the Valley Loop and consisting of a combination of concrete cart path and loose gravel paths. Be prepared for some steep portions along the way.

Trail Details
Distance: 1.4km
Difficulty: Beginner – some steep portions and loose gravel paths

Canada Cup Trail

The flowing, west-coast single track, dirt trail, blends into the surrounding environment winding around obstacles such as trees, bushes and large rocks. Intermediate riders and hikers, enjoy the natural beauty of this challenging and skill testing trail.

Trail Details
Distance: 2.2km
Difficulty: Intermediate – single track (1m width or less) steep ascents/descents, natural surface trail

Code of Conduct


  • Be respectful of other guests including golf patrons
  • Be respectful of your surroundings including the plants and wildlife
  • Clean up after yourself and your pets
  • Keep pets under control
  • Manage speed depending on your skill level
  • Pay attention to posted signage
  • Stay on the right, pass on the left
  • Use trails at your own risk
  • Be aware that smoking, vaping, drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the Resort property



The Bear Mountain Golf and Tennis Resort Community(the “Resort”) Trail Network exists for you to enjoy nature and explore the great outdoors. The Resort Trail Network is located on private lands. You must obtain consent before accessing the Trail Network by visiting the Bear MountainActivity Centre (BMAC) and signing an Assumption of RiskWaiver (the “Waiver”). By signing the Waiver, you agree to assume all risks, waive all liability, release all rights, defend and hold harmless, limit your damages and indemnify the Resort. The Waiver is a legal contract that is binding on you and anyone who is claiming through you or for you, for any reason and it means that you cannot sue, for any reason, the Resort. Individuals under the age of 19 must have the Waiver signed by an adult.

Contact Info

We are located at 1997 Country Club Way in the Bear Mountain Activity Centre (BMAC).

For more information on the Resort Pass
Call 778-405-1645   Email BMAC