Mountain Bike Programs

Mountain Bike Bootcamp: January 9th – March 4th

This program for adult mountain biking enthusiast and aspiring racers alike.

This Bootcamp is designed for riders who want to develop both their skills and fitness to become really fit and REALLY FAST on their bike!

What’s Included in Mountain Bike Bootcamp?

  • Fitness program combined with mountain bike skills coaching to prepare riders for the 2017 mountain biking season.
  • Group strength training sessions, led by Ali Boudewyn, Athletic Therapist an Exercise Physiologist
  • Spin classes and outdoor riding / cross training sessions, led by Adam Walker, former Canada Cup XC Series Champion, PMBI and NCCP Certified Coach.
  • Mountain Bike Bootcamp starts January 9 and will run on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings until March 4, in time for the Canada Cup XC Race at Bear Mountain.

Program Schedule / Details

  • January 9, 2017 until March 4, 2017
  • Mondays at 6pm – 1hr Strength Training with Ali Boudewyn
    • Sessions will cover:
      • Postural correction
      • Spine mobility
      • Scapular setting & stability
      • Glute activation & recruitment
      • Balance & coordination drills
      • Breathing and deep core training
      • Mountain bike specific strength training
      • PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching
      • Self soft tissue/fascial release techniques
  • Wednesdays at 6pm – 1hr Spin Class with Adam WalkerSessions will cover:
      • Bike fit and position
      • Pedaling technique and posture
      • Breathing
      • Aerobic intensity
      • Mountain Bike specific high intensity intervals
  • Saturdays at 9am – 2 to 3 hrs Outdoor Riding with Adam Walker.
    • Sessions will cover:
      • Position and Balance
      • Braking technique and control
      • Gear selection
      • Terrain awareness, line selection
      • Roll downs, front wheel lifts, small drop offs, bunny hops
      • Pump track – learning to FLOW
      • Singletrack trail riding – navigating twisty trails with roots and rocks

Other Program Details

  • 8 Weeks, 24 sessions, 32+ hours of coaching/training, open to both men and women
  • 30 minute biomechanical assessment with Ali Boudewyn, Athletic Therapist and Exercise Physiologist
  • 30 minute coaching consult with Adam Walker, Former National Cycling Champion and Professional Mountain Bike Instructor
  • Race prep leading into Canada Cup XC Race on March 5 at Bear Mountain
  • Bike setup and mechanic skills workshop
  • 10% off Equipment and $25 off a Performance Tune Up for your bike at Oak Bay Bikes Westshore
  • 20% off your first lesson of continued skills development and performance coaching with The Cycling Co.


$700 per person.

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