How we Teach


Coaching Methodology

The coaching conducted at BMTC is the called the Actions Method, the official tennis teaching method endorsed by Tennis Canada. It is an approach that uses progressive problem-solving activities to guide the development and acquisition of tennis skills. The Actions Method is built on four main pillars:

1) A learner centered approach.

2) A game based approach.

3) An open-skill approach.

4) A global approach.

These four pillars are integral to every level in the Canadian Tennis Coaching Certification system. All our Bear Mountain Professionals will be fully certified Tennis Canada Coaches and members in good standing with the Tennis Professionals Association of Canada.


Junior Tennis Coaching Methodology

With Juniors, and specifically younger Juniors under the age of 10, the approach we take is called Progressive Tennis. 

This coaching methodology was imported from European countries such as France and Belgium. Progressive Tennis uses a systematic progression of court sizes, balls, and rackets, to scale the game down to an appropriate level for 4 to 10 year olds.

The power of the Progressive Tennis system is that it allows players to play quickly and successfully.