Organized Play Programs

Let’s play the clay! Let us take care of you with events that will draw members and guests together and provide opportunities to meet new players or just pick up a game!

Organized play programs will be set up and overseen by the Bear Mountain Pro Staff to enhance your member experience. With drop-in mixers, Doubles shootouts and tournaments, there will be events for all ages and levels of play!
Please refer to the Tennis Canada Play Tennis Self Rating Guide to establish your level.
This will help to ensure all participants are competitive with each other.

All our programs will be coordinated by a member of the BMTC Pro Team, courts will be reserved by our staff and will include balls and administrative fees.
Some events will be free and some will have a fee to cover the cost of food and prizes.

Only Bear Mountain Tennis members and Hotel guests can participate in our organized play programs. Some events will be designated as a “Bring a Guest” event and will allow members to bring in guests to participate.



Stay Tuned

Tuesdays 10am to 12noon will continue through to mid October except during the PGA,  September 12th!

Due to darkness, our final  “Thursday Evening Mixed Drop Ins” will be September 7th!

We will be rescheduling the Thursday evening time to a “Sunday Doubles Mixed Drop-in” from 10am to 12noon! 

 The dates will be;
September 10th                  on
September 17th                  off due to PGA
September 24th                  on
October 1st                        on
October 8th                       off due to long weekend
October 15th                     on

 If would like to get out on the clay, meet some new people to play with, get some exercise or just pick up a game, come down and join in.


Drop-in Mixed Socials


Online Mixed Singles (Members Only)

We have set up and are running a ladder system through our online court booking system “Gametime”! The purpose of our new on-line ladder is to provide our membership with a way of finding and playing, challenging and fun singles matches with other players of similar caliber. Challenges can be made and played at your convenience!

To initiate our on-line ladder system, we are offering one event only, Mixed Singles. A row ladder will be formed with both Women and Men and will be singles only. It’s for all levels of play 2.0 (novice) to 5.0 (really, really good). Currently we have 25 players signed up. If you would like to join the ladder, you may do so at any time but will be positioned slightly below your level to challenge your way to your proper positioning!

Ladder play – August 14th to October 29th, 2017  (11 weeks)   You may register by contacting Russ or Sean!! Just tell us you’d like to play, it’s that easy!!

Find suitable playing partners and enjoy playing tennis more

The Self Rating Guide is not a rating of the level “you hope to play at” or “your best day ever” or strictly based on how well you hit the ball. This is a “full package” rating guide of your level of “PLAY”. This rating guide involves your tactical, technical, physical, mental and emotional skills, during competitive match play.


Use the “Play Tennis” Self-Rating Guide which identifies and describes different levels of tennis ability.


Find your own general level of tennis ability.
Find players of a similar level so that you can have competitive games.
Play an individual at a higher level using handicap scoring to make the game more competitive.
Participate in group lessons or league play with people of similar ability.

Guidelines to rate yourself:

Study the “Play Tennis” self-rating chart
Start reading from the top of the chart, beginning with Level 1.0.
Find the level that best describes your general level of play.
Ask your Instructor or Coach to validate your self-rating, if you think that will help.
Remember that as you play more, and improve, your rating may improve.
Update your rating periodically.
Results in social and competitive matches will validate whether your chosen level is reasonably accurate.



Play Tennis Self Rating Chart