Private & Semi-Private Coaching

Private & Semi-Private Coaching

Private and Semi-Private coaching, along with customized groups are available by contacting Tennis Director Russ Hartley. You may also contact Russ at russ.hartley@westinbearmountain.com Phone: 1-250-391-3778 or Mobile: 1-250-896-8423

24 Hours notice of cancellation or fees will apply. All lesson fees are based on BMTC member rates.

Single Private $75 1 hour $45 1/2 hour BOOK NOW
Semi Private 2 People $45 each 1 hour BOOK NOW
Semi Private 3 People $35 each 1 hour BOOK NOW
Semi Private 4 People $30 each 1 hour BOOK NOW

Performance Professional and Club Professionals – TBA on site in April

Single Private $60 1 hour $40 1/2 hour BOOK NOW
Semi Private 2 People $30 each 1 hour BOOK NOW
Semi Private 3 People $25 each 1 hour BOOK NOW
Drop-in Drill Sessions

Drop-in Drill Sessions

Drop-in Drill Sessions

Targeted start date; April 4th, weather dependent
Drop in fee: $25.00/per 90 min session
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00am – 11:30am
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Saturdays 10:00am – 11:30am

These drill sessions are a great way to develop and hone down your tactical and technical skills, hit a lot of balls, and get a great workout. They’re for both men and women from novice to advanced levels. We will use two courts, with a maximum of 12 students and 2 Pros. Attendance will be based on a first come, first serve, basis, so be right on time! A sign in sheet will be available at the courts 15 minutes prior to each drill session.


  1. Come prepared to play longer points. You will be able to get to balls on clay that you wouldn’t have on hard courts.
  2. Stay adequately hydrated, have water.
  3. Activate early by doing dynamic stretching prior to play.
  4. It really does make a difference having specific clay court shoes, designed to give you better footing on a clay surface. If you are looking to pick up some clay court shoes, talk to the experts in the pro shop.
  5. The use of polyester strings is becoming more and more popular because of their durability, spin production, and the bonus of playability on clay! Natural gut & synthetic strings will quickly dry out and start to crack when coming into contact with the clay. This causes them to lose their feel and playability. Polyester strings will not dry out or crack which gives them great long lasting playability. Just make sure to string them lower than your usual strings! Lower tension in your strings will help give you more power from your racket, will be easier on your arm and you won’t have to work as hard. Due to the slower game you will be “counter-punching” less and “hitting-out” more, along with hitting more balls per point. A lower tension in your racket will help!
  6. Some balls will slow down and get a bit heavier as they pick up clay during play, especially after the courts have been watered and on damp days. So, select balls designed specifically for clay which have less felt. “Extra Duty” balls are better on hard courts because they last longer, but due to heavier felt, they pick up a lot of clay and get heavier.

Be sure to clean your shoes of all the clay after you play. Mats, brushes, and foot sprays, are there for your use. Bring along a second pair of shoes and switch out of your clay shoes when you come off the courts. Let’s keep our club beautiful and free of clay.

See you on the courts!   “Play the Clay”!