Amatista Spa At Bear Mountain Now Open


Experience the newest and most advanced luxury spa in Victoria, BC – Amatista Spa at Bear Mountain.

As we make the health of our clients and staff the top priority, our team is working hard to put the most rigorous health measures in place to bring a safe and relaxing environment to our new patrons. Our spa management team will add to the already high hygiene and sanitation standards by enacting new policies that we are sure will give clients and staff the confidence Amatista will be a healthy and safe environment

The Amatista team has put together a limited menu which will focus on protocols to limit the risk of transmission of Covid-19. The highest level of protections have been put in place which includes physical distancing where possible, barriers, improved sanitation protocols and the use of personal protective equipment for guests and team members. Due to the nature of the spa environment we know Amatista will not be able to completely remove physical touching but we feel the proper protocols will be in place to ensure a remarkable and comfortable experience.

The spa is taking bookings by phone and by email plus there are also retail options available that feature some of the top brands in the world. Our full line of products will be available to view online soon so you will be get all the information on what will be available.

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Amatista Spa Brand and Concept

Unveiled at the Westin Bear Mountain


Holistic Approach to Wellness at the Core of Victoria’s

Newest and Most Advanced Spa


February 6, 2020 — (Victoria, BC)  The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa is excited to be welcoming a spectacular new spa experience to Greater Victoria in the form of Amatista Spa.  The completely renovated spa will combine the natural serenity of the area with state-of-the-art technologies to create an idyllic mountain escape just minutes from downtown Victoria.

The name “Amatista”, the Spanish word for amethyst, speaks directly to the spirit of the experience and treatment offering. At the heart of the concept will be a connection to the gemstones of British Columbia, specifically amethyst. Throughout history, amethyst has been prized by cultures all around the world for its natural healing properties – known for promoting a balance of body, mind and soul, amethyst is used in traditional medicine practices to promote clarity, well-being, sleep and awareness. The mindful incorporation of these embedded concepts, and those of the other locally sourced gemstones, will be woven throughout the space and are evident in the logo’s design. The logo speaks to the philosophy that a natural setting combined with a holistic approach to overall wellness has the potential to create a positive feedback loop across all parts of the body and spirit.

Also central to the experience is the connection between the luxurious purple hues of amethyst and the Crown and Third Eye Chakra; this energy centre is linked with wisdom, beauty, creativity, communication and inspiration. The core elements of body energy centres (chakras), essential oil blends, colours and gem stone properties will be embedded throughout the spa and each guest will have the opportunity to customize their experience to target their individual needs and generate the most positive impact on their own lifestyle and well-being. In this way Amatista will be like no other spa; each guest will be immersed in a full sensory experience customized to their own unique treatment requests.

The nearly $2 million-dollar renovation will feature signature equipment from worldwide manufacturers, much of which is a first for the city, province or country. Complimenting the top of the line equipment will be a selection of world-renowned and locally sourced products. Many of Vancouver Island’s best products will be front and centre and Amatista will have its own signature body products, based on pure and natural ingredients, created in BC. A personalization of energy-based aromatherapy blends will be utilized in the service to further enhance the experience, setting Amatista apart from any other spa on the Island. Details about the specific products and equipment will be announced through the spa’s newsletter over the coming weeks. Visit the bottom of the page to sign up to the newsletter.

In addition to the completely renovated space and new equipment, the Amatista team will feature many familiar faces. The team at Amatista is excited to rekindle the relationships they have built with guests and the community while also looking forward to building on the comfort, trust and expertise they have shared over the years. Starting with a core of familiar staff members will help create an immersive environment from the moment the spa opens. To help ensure the experience is perfect from the first treatment forward the staff will be taking the next few weeks to learn from industry specialists and familiarize themselves with the brand-new equipment. Setting a new benchmark for the level of service and attention to detail for spas on Vancouver Island will take some time, but the investment the staff is making will be evident from the moment guests enter Amatista Spa for the first time. The official opening date has yet to be confirmed but details will be released through the Amatista newsletter as soon as it comes available.


About The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa, Ltd.

The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa, Ltd. is a locally owned and operated company engaged with overseeing the Westin hotel, Bella and Masters Lounge restaurants, the Amatista Spa and North Langford Recreation Centre operations at Bear Mountain in Victoria, B.C. The vision for the resort is to enhance the service, amenities and facilities to further highlight and take advantage of the world-class setting with a goal of making The Westin Bear Mountain one of Canada’s foremost resort destinations. For more information visit: